Tuesday, June 28, 2011

God save | UMIT BENAN

 Personality rules. When you see Style you can't talk anymore.

A name. His unmistakable way to dress Men. Culture.
Brain. Ethnic identities. Sartorial education. Travels. 
Will to Risk.

Class 1980
Turkish origins

Born in Germany from
Turkish parents, lives in Stuttgart 
untill the age of 15. Then he moves to Switzerland for High 
school, and after to Boston for his College (Marketing + Pr)

During his time in US, he realizes Fashion is his inspiration. So
he moves to Milan to get Marangoni Master in Fashion Design

The most interesting thing about Benan is his ability in 
balancing Innovation with Sartorial rules - where Innovation 
means International Contaminations, and Sartorial means 
hystorical Heritage

Shoots from   T H I R D   G E N E R A T I O N   I T A L I A N S


Friday, June 24, 2011

SIMONE' SAUVAGE | The importance of being feminine

A night, clubbing around the city could happen to meet 
someone and feel charmed since the very first moment.
You don't know why. You simply feel it and let it happen. 

It's even more interesting to find out that
you and this 
person, are in the same place just by a chance

Then once you start chatting with, you can discover how 
fascinating is just laughing with a perfect stranger met 
only few minutes before ..

This is what it happens when you get to know  
Sam Attyé
one of the greatest one man show ever met around

Despite of his young age (..he is only 25 years old..)  
he has got a sophisticated aim. And this only a prelude

  Simoné Sauvage is the name of his parisian fashion label
born in 2010, from a project that Attyé has undertook after 
acquiring the right experience in sewing and about couture

The main aim of Attyé's collection is to show how 
" feminine style can easily represent feminine power ".

As he says:

" Women have changed "

 " Fashion icons are not silent anymore "

Monday, June 06, 2011

Souls' Hunter | RICHARD AVEDON

Look at these pictures


Each expression, wrinkle, detail... has something to say

A good shoot is composed by EMOTION and TECHNICAL 
ABILITIES    |   CHARM is what makes the difference

If you are able to surprise the reader, letting him being 
part of your photograph, you completely hit the mark

This is what happens with above portraits 
taken from 
The american West " photograph - collection

Ladies and Gentlemen, the author of the masterpiece

Sir  Richard Avedon


Thursday, June 02, 2011

Discipline & Conflict | YOHJI YAMAMOTO

What is going to hit your eyes is DISCIPLINE

" This dark side of the life is actracting for me, forever ... from the beginning "

 " Too good harmony is boring. Maybe CONFLICT is charming ... exciting "

 " I'm not interested in fashion ... I'm just interested in how to cut clothings "

" I'm demanding so much... which I cannot regret "

" I have my own judge in me. And ...he's always... (hesitation-suffering) ...judging me "

" I'm always finding the way how to pay "