Thursday, June 02, 2011

Discipline & Conflict | YOHJI YAMAMOTO

What is going to hit your eyes is DISCIPLINE

" This dark side of the life is actracting for me, forever ... from the beginning "

 " Too good harmony is boring. Maybe CONFLICT is charming ... exciting "

 " I'm not interested in fashion ... I'm just interested in how to cut clothings "

" I'm demanding so much... which I cannot regret "

" I have my own judge in me. And ...he's always... (hesitation-suffering) ...judging me "

" I'm always finding the way how to pay "

Charming quotes by
Yohji Yamamoto 

official trailer

which introduces 
the upcoming documentary

directed by  
Theodore Stanley.

An exclusive movie about career and private philosophies of this iconic fashion designer 

A genius more than a man, able to build his world around a visionary perception of apparel world.

 It's a coincidece but we just wrote something about Yamamoto and Y3 in our previous post