Alber Camus     |    Author    Journalist     KeyPhilosopher   of   20th century

The name is Charm Research

It deals with CHARM and its forms. Why?
Because CHARM is the reason why for everything

Albert Camus, 20th century european existentialist philosopher and
author of the sentence in the title-caption, said < Charm is the way
of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question >

Well if you think about it CHARM means just looking or listening to
something, and feel unconsciously a strong yes into your mind

Charm is exactly what keeps alive the world  | relationships 
love affairs  |  friendships  |   job interviews  |  business contracts
A CHARMING project with high potential and attraction, will lead 
 companies investing a hunge amount of money in it to get business

The fact is Charm sells 

A good marketing campaign, is exactly a smart CHARM campaign

 CHARM is Art  | CHARM is Attitude  | CHARM is also Innovation because  
what is new gets also everybody's attraction  | CHARM is captivating.

Since ever


Charm Research

An  experimental  project  conceived  as  Visual  platform
An interactive way to analyze CHARM and its forms  about 
people        style        places       arts       music      events


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