Friday, June 24, 2011

SIMONE' SAUVAGE | The importance of being feminine

A night, clubbing around the city could happen to meet 
someone and feel charmed since the very first moment.
You don't know why. You simply feel it and let it happen. 

It's even more interesting to find out that
you and this 
person, are in the same place just by a chance

Then once you start chatting with, you can discover how 
fascinating is just laughing with a perfect stranger met 
only few minutes before ..

This is what it happens when you get to know  
Sam Attyé
one of the greatest one man show ever met around

Despite of his young age (..he is only 25 years old..)  
he has got a sophisticated aim. And this only a prelude

  Simoné Sauvage is the name of his parisian fashion label
born in 2010, from a project that Attyé has undertook after 
acquiring the right experience in sewing and about couture

The main aim of Attyé's collection is to show how 
" feminine style can easily represent feminine power ".

As he says:

" Women have changed "

 " Fashion icons are not silent anymore "

 " Clothes are not made for appereance "

" Being a woman means not copying man's code -- It means investing on herself "

FW 2011\12 shooting from  |  SIMONE' SAUVAGE  |  Seine Collection

In a certain way these atmospheres remind also of a Fellinian modern woman,
blended with the typical sophistycated french attitude of catching attentions 
simply being Feminine

But the greatest thing about Mr.Attyé is another one, his amazing 
attitude. Never met before someone as "life-beating" as he is

Great job Sam
Keep it rocking

 Sam Attyé  


 Born in Dakar, grew up in a multicultural 
Then he made his move to Paris, where 
he started his experience in Fashion.