Sunday, April 08, 2012

METROMORPHOSIS | Fabio Giampietro

<   Each stain hides a ground  |  Each dot hides a face  >

Nosaj Thing - Fog (Jamie XX remix) 

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Italian.  Born in Milan in 1974  Fabio Giampietro  started very  young  his carreer,
portraiting  stragers'  faces  seen  around  the city.  After  several  years  he moved 
into  gravity,  perspective and  freaky dark  atmospheres  in order to  better express
his detach from reality. The best way to enjoy his huge paintings is observing them
as close as possible   < Each stain hides a ground | Each dot hides a human face >

Painting's size?   From 150x150 cm to even 400cm ... Just as example.

C   R   E   D   I   T   S

FABIO GIAMPIETRO  |  Official Website

Nosaj Thing - Fog  |  Audio Decoration