Wednesday, November 30, 2011

59 RIVOLI | Ils font du Squat

Sonnymoon | Nursery Boys

CharmResearch©   |   PHOTO SHOOTING  november 2011

 Upsidedown atmospheres. Thousand of brushes all around
Dusty freaky stuff. Smell of pulsing lives
Expressions of opposite personalities

This is 59 CINQUANTE-NEUF  Rivoli and don't call it just alternative
art exhibit. It is properly a SQUAT building you can discover in Paris
walking around Rue de Rivoli ( underground | Chatelet Les Halles ) 

In a certain way it could be introduced as a french version of the 
famous Berliner squat Kunsthaus Tacheles

Inside it, working artists producing their creations just in front
of you or kindly chatting with visitors or involving kids 

portraits by FRANCESCO | artist
FRANCESCO portraiting us
ANnCO  designer | illustrator | make up artist


CharmResearch©   |   PHOTO SHOOTING  november 2011