Wednesday, October 19, 2011

F**k Photoshop | BERTO MARTìNEZ


this is probably what certain dudes STILL think when they put their pencil on a paper

Self Portrait

Berto Martìnez
spanish illustrator

 so detailed that seems to be SHOT   |   but it isn't

Ellie Golding and Kei$ha

Frida Kahlo


Anna Wintour

 The Hurts

Curious thing about Martìnez is the design structure
more than his artistic flawless touch

If you generally use Photoshop you already got what I mean

These are exactly the graphical effects you only obtain working 
with LAYERS   |  a big side face 1st layer    |   a catwalk outift on
the 2nd one   |    an architectural element on the background ...
 This is Photoshop
No       wait a sec

That's   Martìnez

Los Italianas

Steve Jobs