Monday, May 02, 2011


" You never know what it is. What that thing is that drows you to that person.
But you just let it happen ... letting yourself being seduced a little bit every day " 

Scott Schuman the american blogger from The Sartorialist shares his 
famous shoots with more than 70.000 readers a day. The video gives further 
ideas about Schumann's work and his foresight in Fashion Reportage and  
Cool Hunting nowadays

Charm in this case is merging portraits, style and sartorial experinces in a free blog
accessible not only by people working in fashion system, and also pushing all readers
to reflect about fashion communication and power of charming outfits seen in every day life

The secret ?

Maybe start looking at things with innocence as it was the first time ever

Mr.Schuman is a Master and in his blog hides a little precious secret

To discover it you have to try focusing on outifits' communication 
and not on your own apparel's taste. Generally people tends to 
highlight just fashion eccentricities. But here it comes the secret

We are not talking about clothes. We are talking about fashion
And the only difference is the aim
CLOTHES just cover a body  |  FASHION is a mood expression